Drop by and play with us!

Is this your first time playing pickleball in Ukiah?  We'd love to see you!


Please wear court shoes and comfortable athletic clothing.  It's always a good idea to stretch out before and after play.


Many of us bring water or our favorite court beverage, but note that beverages cannot be consumed inside the gymnasium at Alex Rorabaugh Center.


If you have a Pickleball paddle, please bring it. If not, many of our players have a spare paddle with which you can try out the game.

On a recent Saturday, we had an overflow crowd in spite of strong gusts of wind.  (Turn on your audio, and wait for Bob's trademark primal scream at the end.)

When and where to play in Ukiah
 Oak Manor Park 
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Summer: 7-11 am    Winter: 9-noon
Three outdoor courts
 Alex Rorabaugh Center 
Wednesday Evenings
6 to 9 pm
Two indoor courts

$5 drop-in fee 
The direct gymnasium entrance is used, so walk past the lobby doors to the gym door at the back of the building. 
 Mendocino College 
Courts are closed until further notice
5:30 pm  
Temporary lighted courts
$1 fee for tape
Court-sharing etiquette

If fewer than seven players are waiting, winners stay for one additional game.

Otherwise, all four players leave the court after finishing their game.

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